In fall of 2014, Lincoln Center became one of SERINO/COYNE's clients. We kicked off our partnership by working together on Lincoln Center's White Light Festival, a multi-genre performing arts program in which all works share one thing in common: transcendence. Performances range from heavenly vocal concerts to divine dance and beyond.
In addition to print and digital media, I worked with editors and designers on 15-second trailer for both the 2014 and 2015 festivals. The spots appeared on broadcast TV and online via video banners and social media content.

In early 2015, Lincoln Center asked SERINO/COYNE to help develop a new initiative called Lincoln Center at the Movies, a series of screenings at local movie theaters nationwide focusing on Great American Dance, featuring San Francisco Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ballet Hispanico and New York City Ballet.

Unlike live performances, where your seat in the theater dictates your view of the action, the screenings put viewers in the heat of every moment. Pre-show and intermission breaks also gave viewers exclusive backstage and making-of access. Hence the copy, "Your front row seat. Your backstage pass."

In addition to print, outdoor and online media, the team created a series trailer that ran in movie theaters and online earlier that summer to launch the first screening, San Francisco Ballet's Romeo & Juliet.

Courtesy of SERINO/COYNE

Associate Creative Director/Editor: Zack Kinney
Footage courtesy of Live from Lincoln Center and San Francisco Ballet
Executive Creative Director: Vinny Sainato
Art Director: Peter Gunther
Photos courtesy of Lincoln Center
Courtesy of SERINO/COYNE

Executive Creative Director: Vinny Sainato
Editor: Michael Luciano
Animation: Amar Peddireddy