Copywriter on Chinglish, a comedy by Tony Award winner David Henry Hwang.

Here's a sampling of fake "Chinglish" that appeared in cases on the front of the theater:

  1. Sustenance for miniature humans = Baby Food
  2. The siren lies = False Alarm
  3. Be mindful of the juicy surfaces = Caution: Wet Floor
  4. The water needs saving = Please Conserve Water
  1. Coming may be perilous = Enter at Your Own Risk
  2. We will not subjugate to the naked = No shirt. No shoes. No service.
  3. The fowl cannot eat = Don't Feed The Birds
  4. Penetration will be dealt with painfully = Violators Will Be Prosecuted
Courtesy of SERINO/COYNE
Executive Creative Director: Tom Callahan
Creative Director, Interactive: Jim Glaub